About Me

I’m Christia Copeland, a DONA trained and certified birth doula. I’m also a member of the Calgary Doula Association. I have supported over 50 births in the Calgary area. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the transition of a woman from pregnancy through to childbirth and motherhood. Since becoming a mother myself, it’s been my dream to channel this interest toward supporting other  mothers and fathers on their journey toward parenthood.

I believe that birth can be a life changing, completely empowering experience, if you are informed about the process, and are taking a proactive approach with your birth experience. As your doula, I can help to familiarize you with your options and what to expect each step of the way.

I know that every woman and every birth experience is unique. Your ideal birth may differ from someone else’s definition of ideal. I’ll be there to provide information and support in whatever way you need, without judgment. In my opinion, all birthing mamas are champions and deserve gold medals!

In childbirth, believing you can do it and working with your body is half the battle won. Your birth will likely bring you a new appreciation for your body, how wonderfully it is made, and what you’re capable of. I would love to help you awaken this confidence in yourself that, yes, you can do this!


Photos used with permission.