What Clients Say

If you are thinking of having a doula, you MUST and absolutely JUMP at the chance to work with Christia.  Her warmth, professionalism and genuine nature are immediately apparent and you will never feel rushed.  She was true to her word for being available and my husband and I felt very supported throughout this journey, before, during and after the actual birthing time.  Her interaction with the hospital staff was also very well received. The time she spent with us at our house in preparation for birth/labour was so informative yet still felt like we were meeting with a friend.   Whether you have a doctor, midwife, or great birthing partners, I would strongly recommend Christia as part of your birthing team- we were lucky she was able to take us on! Thanks Christia, from the bottom of our hearts.” -A. Taylor


I labored for 24 hours with the birth of my first son, only to end in a C-section, as the doctor said the baby was too large to fit through my pelvis. When I got pregnant with my second child I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to even attempt a natural delivery once again, fearing that I wouldn’t succeed. Recovering from a long labor and a C-section wasn’t something I wanted to repeat. After much contemplation and research I decided I would try for a drug-free VBAC but knew that I couldn’t do it without major support. I found that support in Christia, who became my doula.

Christia’s invaluable support started long before labor began, in the form of our initial meetings. After discussing my previous delivery with her and the reasons for my C-section, she was able to point me to a number of resources and websites that helped me optimize my chances for having a successful natural delivery. This helped boost my confidence that VBAC was possible for me personally.

I also found Christia’s insight and information extremely helpful in understanding what I could expect and should be prepared for, particularly as a VBAC. My first son was born overseas so when it came to understanding how things worked in Canada I was almost like a first time mom. As a result of her input I felt much more prepared in knowing what questions to ask or what my options were throughout labor and delivery, especially when being presented with things that I wasn’t so keen on.

My labor was long, and there were times when I felt like I couldn’t make it through another contraction, but Christia’s constant encouragement and support, as well as her suggestions of different comfort measures throughout gave me the strength to persevere. She was also able to coach my husband in how to best assist me throughout my labor, which gave him the resources and confidence he needed. He was a tremendous pillar of strength to me as a result. Christia and my husband made a terrific team and were my anchors throughout one of the most challenging experiences of my life.

My son—all 8.9 lbs of him—was born naturally and drug-free. I’m certain that if Christia wasn’t there my birth story would’ve been quite different. Thank you Christia for helping me achieve my dream of VBAC. I couldn’t have done it without you!  –Julie Y.


Christia arrived promptly at our birth, which was a good thing as our son arrived an hour later. She was always respectful and deliberate, being mindful of both of us.  We enjoyed meeting with her before the birth to prepare and had a great conversation after.  Most importantly, the pictures she took are precious and we will treasure them forever.  All in all she was a perfect addition to our wonderful home birth.  Thank you for your work with us Christia!–Erin and Blair


Hiring Christia was absolutely the best decision we could have made for the birth of our first child, and her presence made all the difference in the world!

Her meetings with my husband and I were very informative and fun, and helped to get my husband and I on the same page in regards to our birth preferences. She set our minds at ease, and encouraged me that I was capable of this challenge!

Like many labours, things did not go as we had planned. But Christia was always positive, reassuring, and helped us to stay feeling in control of our birth experience, as she reminded us of the right questions to ask at each point.

My husband felt that he was able to participate in the birth of our son much more because of Christia’s presence. She was ready with suggestions for him when he needed them, and yet she still enabled this to be a special moment between me and my husband.

I will always be grateful for Christia’s presence at the birth of our son, and recommend her highly to any other expecting mothers.–Sarika P.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled but scared at the same time about the labour itself, after hearing so many horror stories from all my girlfriends who have kids. One of my friends had hired a doula for her labour, and her and her husband highly praised theirs and told me that they would not have been able to do it without her.

At first I was a little unsure, as I had never heard about doulas, nor did I know what they do. I decided to do some research on them and then try and see if I could find one for an affordable price, and with much searching I was able to find Christia, and immediately called her for a meet and greet.

After the meet and greet, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me and I was finally able to breathe easier and knew right away that she was exactly what I wanted, and more importantly needed. I wanted more than anything to do a natural birth and wasn’t sure if it was something that could be possible and if I was capable of it.

I can now with a huge sigh of relief say that all thanks to Christia and her amazing support towards myself and my boyfriend, I was able to accomplish what seemed like the impossible and do an all-natural birth for my beautiful son!! There were many times I almost gave up, and when I broke down, almost not able to take it. No matter what was happening and how I felt, she was calm and more supportive than ever. She played a major role in my labour, more than she will ever know. She was in the most important part of my life and will never be forgotten for being my rock in the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

I highly recommend doulas for all mothers-to-be, especially Christia!! I will never forget her and will always talk about her and the biggest role she played in my life. –Aleksandra


My husband and I decided to hire Christia for the birth of our second child, after our first experience was nothing like we had planned. After having several interventions done for the birth of our daughter, our goal was for an intervention free, drug free birth. Christia was an amazing resource not only in the delivery room but also in the weeks and days leading up to the birth of our son. Despite having to be induced 1 week past my due date, we were still able to achieve our goal of a drug free birth. She was always available to answer our questions and her calm, supportive demeanor was invaluable in getting me through my contractions. My husband also felt much better prepared after working with Christia, and really appreciated having some extra support in the delivery room. We can’t thank Christia enough for helping us create the birth experience we wanted! We would highly recommend Christia for anyone looking for additional support through their pregnancy, labour and delivery.



Shortly after finding out we were expecting our first child, my partner Yolande suggested we look into hiring a Doula. “A what?” I had heard of Midwives, but not of Doulas. Being true to my name, a real doubting Thomas, I have to admit I was skeptical of having a non-medical support person involved, despite my fear of the whole delivery process. I agreed to a discovery meeting with Christia, all along thinking that this really wasn’t going to be for us. Well, I was wrong! From the very first time Yolande and I met Christia, we could tell she was going to be a reliable resource. And, not only was she knowledgeable and able to answer our many questions, but she did so with tact and professionalism. Throughout the pregnancy we met with Christia a handful of times, and even invited her and her family to join our housewarming. Always on time, pleasant, and with a soft but engaging attitude towards helping us come up with a birth plan, Christia helped a great deal in reassuring us that this was something we could get through. The fact Christia has been able to raise two beautiful daughters, and therefore go through the process herself, just lent that much more credibility. She never made us feel uncomfortable with our decisions, and was there from 7 am til midnight through the entire labour. At the end, Christia also prepared some great photos, and a moving birth story we can share with our son some day – the icing on the cake. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christia’s services to anyone.–Thomas


Christia was truly a blessing for myself and husband during our second child’s birth process! We were attempting a VBAC and knew a doula was a must if we were going to be successful! Although, Christia was still undergoing her doula certification she never let it show that she was “new” to being a doula, her confidence always shone through! Christia was a wealth of knowledge and what she didn’t know she had no trouble finding out from a more experienced doula! During the birth Christia was a tremendous help to myself, providing suggestions, comfort techniques and ALWAYS encouraging!! She was also a great birth partner for my husband, what a team they turned out to be! I truly believe that Christia’s presence at our daughters birth played a huge role in it being a successful VBAC!!! Christia has found her calling! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula, her kind nature, compassion, knowledge and understanding will benefit anyone during this truly amazing experience!! Thank you Christia we wish you all the best!–Amber


Christia was an important part of our labour and delivery. She made herself very available to us and came with a wealth of information prior to the big day. Her pleasant demeanor made us feel very comfortable and we could see that the hospital staff also welcomed her as as part of our family. I was very impressed with her written birth story and photographs of our little one! These extra acts of kindness really added to the memories of our child’s birth. I’m very grateful for Christia’s dedication to us as a family and for how much more at ease we were because of her presence. I recommend Christia’s doula services for any families out there contemplating on hiring a doula for their own labour and delivery.–Sandra


All photos used with permission.